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    Dave Chappelle Vs J. Cole Battle of the Chi 1’s | Celebrity Kicks

    August 13th, 2015

    It’s been a while since we’ve featured a flick of comedian Dave Chappelle and he was seen rocking a pair of Jordan 1 “Chicagos”. Coincidentally, J. Cole was caught sitting with radio personality, Sway, in the very same shoe “Chicago” 1’s. Wait, doesn’t Cole have some sort of arrangement with Puma? But I digress, you can’t knock Cole for wanting to rock a fresh shoe like the Chi 1s. Who you think rocked it better though?

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    Other sneakers featured this week could be rare gems like the new OVO 10’s and 8’s or how about some “Lightning” 4’s? We haven’t seen Chris Brown rock dunks since the early 2000’s (when that model was popping off). Skrillex showcases some cool Air Maxes at one of the festivals.

    Dave Chappelle (“Chicago” 1’s)


    Dave Chappelle kicks it with Mos Def or now known as Yasiin Bey. Dave rocks his comedy tour tee with some shorts. On feet are his pair of the Jordan 1 “Chicagos”.

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    Raekwon X Packer Shoes X Diadora N9000 | Teaser

    August 5th, 2015

    CLf95haXAAE1wwy.jpg large

    Ah yes rejoice Wu Tang Clan fans, Raekwon will embark on his 20th anniversary for his “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” album. Why is that so significant? Well if you’re a hip hop head you should already know but if not, let me school you real quick. “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” can be regarded as one of the greatest hip hop albums to ever be produced. Raekwon also known as The Chef, cooked up razor sharp lyricism fully packed with heavy metaphors of the streets and served it over rugged classic boom bap beats.

    There are no pictures of the actual sneaker itself yet except for an image of the tongue tag. What is confirmed is that the sneaker can already be described as a purple suede upper on the N9000 model because of the synonymous name for the album is called “The Purple Tapes.” The album went by the “Purple Tapes” because the original cassette tape was wrapped purple plastic. That was a representation of the old school drug dealers putting their stamp of approval to signify who’s stuff was who’s. In commemoration of the 20 year milestone, Raekwon, Packer Shoes and Diadora have teamed up to bring us Purple Tape N9000 sneaker.

    Stay tuned with us here at for further information regarding this monumental collaboration.

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    Drake ‘OVO’ PE Hits The Stage At OVO Fest | Celebrity Kicks

    August 5th, 2015

    This past weekend marks the 6th annual OVO Fest for Drake and the rest of the 6. It was something of a movie, not shy of any of hip hops biggest artists, Drake had called up all of the homies to make this one special. Besides himself performing there was Future, Kanye West, J. Cole, Juicy J, Skepta, YG, Big Sean, Pharrel, Travis Scott and many more.

    Besides all the headliners that made it out to the festival, most people paid attention to the Meek Mill shots, meme slide show, and what Drake wore on stage. The 6God pulled out a bunch of different looks which featured some of his latest Jordan sneakers. Yeah, Drake showed up on stage wearing his “OVO” Jordan 8s both colors on the night of the 6th Annual OVO Fest. Since it’s summer, OVO Fest wasn’t the only music festival that was happening out in LA was Hard Summer and in the Chi was Lollapalooza.  There were many artists that had some ill sneakers this week. Who brought out the sickest ones?

    Lil Wayne in “Black Toe” 14s


    Lil Wayne up in a video shoot with French Montana. Skater swag with his white pullover hoodie and some Bape Sharkface shorts and finished off with a pair of Jordan 14 “Black Toes”.

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    Adding Fire To The Drake VS Meek Mill Feud | Celebrity Kicks

    July 29th, 2015

    Just in case you aren’t too keen in keeping up with the world of hip-hop or more specifically rap beefs. Rapper Drake and Meek Mill have recently been caught in skirmish when Meek has dropped his album but received no promotion of it from Drake. Meek Mill took to Twitter to call out Drake claiming the rapper doesn’t write his own rhymes. Drake remained pretty quiet on social media until he was on Itunes Radio to release a few tracks including “Charged Up” and a diss track aimed at Meek.

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    The animosity continues to remain between the two so we thought it was would be fun to compare the two’s sneaker choice for the week. Other celebrity notable headlines are Fat Joe jamming for Jennifer Lopez’s birthday. Future, who has the number 1 album in the country makes his way up to see Funk Master Flex and of course many other heaters spotted. Who had the best kicks this week? Find out below.

    Andre 3000 in New Balances


    Andre 3000 starts off the week with a swanky barbershop-quartet kind of swag. He goes with a blue and white striped button up and black high water slacks. The New Balances on his feet finishes off the outfit cleanly.

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    Just Blaze Jumps at Fresh Island Festival | Celebrity Kicks

    July 22nd, 2015

    With New York Fashion Week, the ESPY Awards, and the Nickelodeon’s 2015 Kid’s Choice Sports Awards happening, nothing made a bigger splash than Just Blaze. The super music producer set the internet ablaze with his photo of him jumping into the deep depths of the Croatian waters at Fresh Island Festival with a pair of adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts on. This stunt was for an up and coming Statik Selektah and Joey Badass music video.


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    From there the internet trolls cropped him of his lunging position and ceased to paste them into other photos making hilarious memes. He has even taken to Twitter and Instagram to acknowledge some of these humorous recreations. With Just Blaze shutting the internet down for a day that doesn’t mean we won’t acknowledge some of the other events filled with celebrities and fly sneakers as well. New York Fashion Week we were blessed by a group of athletes, like Amare Stoudemire who pulls up NYFW like a Don. Big Krit stays posted up like a classic Chevy. Many other celebrities shows us their summer vibes with their kick game. Who pulled out the illest kicks this week?

    Amare Stoudemire in Louis Vuitton Don


    Amare Stoudemire showed up to the John Elliot show to preview the up and coming season of gear. Here he showed up rocking a blue Villain hoodie over mercer tees and black jogger sweats. On foot you can spot there’s a pair of tan Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Dons.

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