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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi – The Riddler

This one is for all you Bat-Fans out there who caught the 7-minute preview of "The Dark Knight Rises" in IMAX last night.  While the Riddler isn't set to make an appearance in the film, this pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi's is a must buy for anyone looking to go out and rep the caped cruisader.  Dubbed "The Ridder", the colorway features a green waxed leather upper with purple lining, white midso ...

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ‘Double Collar’

The Chuck Taylor has been around the block a few times.  Often times retreads into the Converse classic's territory are ho-hum and a bit tired, but every once and a while they get it right and find a subtle way to innovate.  This is the case with the All Star 'Double Collar', which adds in some much needed heel cushion.  It is both a practical and stylish, and somehow doesn't remind me of 'That Guy' from yo ...

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Converse Straight Shooter Spec Hi – Burgandy

Converse isn't usually the first brand you think of when you hear the word "class". The brand is synonymous with the Chuck Taylor, which is more often than not found on the feet of someone of the hipster or emo variety. Outlandish knee high lace ups, paint stains, and Sharpie scribbles have put light years of separation between the Converse of yesteryear, a brand that was the patriarch of modern athletic sh ...

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Converse ‘Beastie Boys’ Sneakers

Generally when you think of new shoe releases you think of professional athletes. You don't usually see signature shoes given to musicians, but Converse is changing things up. In honor of the 1986 Beastie Boys tour that followed their 'License to Ill' album. Converse sold the limited edition kicks on eBay, and the pair went for $200. The Beastie Boys had no role in the design or launch of these shoes, but t ...

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Classic Icons Review: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Chucks. That simple moniker still resonates heavily throughout the vast spectrum of streetwear and pop culture.  Whether you're style is hip-hop or punk rock laden, it doesn't really matter - you've worn these shoes or know someone who has.  Sneakerheads and occasional admirers alike know what the deal is when it comes to dressing your feet in this delectable treat. Okay, okay, enough with the pedestal rais ...

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