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Reebok Celebrates 20 Years: Bodega X Reebok Insta Pump Fury Full Contact

Summertime is rolling around so crazy and wild colors start to come out more frequently from closets. Since Reebok is celebrating their 20th anniversary for the Insta Pump Fury model this year, Bodega Store based out in Boston, got to put their own interesting spin on this wild silhouette. The design is a really intricate so there’s no better way to describe it than the words of the designers themselves. “T ...

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Reebok Question Mid / Kamikaze II Easter Pack

If you’re looking for Easter themed shoes without trying to break the bank, you may be in luck. Reebok is dropping a “His and Her” Easter pack. The men will receive the Kamikaze II and the Question Mid will be available for women and extended grade school sizes. Reebok’s Easter pack is set to release on Friday, April 18. Getting into the Easter spirit, both shoes are based on pastel colors. The Question Mid ...

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Reebok Will Release Another Isaiah Thomas Kamikaze PE

Isaiah Thomas has been beating the odds all of his life. At 5'9" he is one of the shortest players in the NBA, but that has never slowed him down on the basketball court. After a successful career at Washington, he was selected with the last pick of the 2011 NBA draft by the Sacramento Kings. Second round picks usually don't stay in the league too long, but Thomas once again had to prove his doubters wrong. ...

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Reebok Will Release The Shaq Attaq LSU Colorway This Week

With All-Star Weekend in a few days, most brands are concentrating on the All-Star edition kicks. Reebok has other plans in mind, they will release the LSU colorway of the Shaq Attaq on Friday. Reebok has recently emphasized the release of retro kicks and have done a great job so far. This colorway speaks for itself, the LSU colors are very obvious. Although some Laker fans might want to argue that these ki ...

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Taking A Look Back At Iverson A 5 by Reebok

httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV032giXqzg It can be debated that Allen Iverson had the greatest non-Nike signature line in the history of the NBA. He signed the "lifetime deal" with Reebok back in 2001. He carried the brands basketball line pretty much by himself for well over a decade. From the questions to the answer Iverson did not disappoint his fans and sneakerheads. With his play on the court Iver ...

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