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Nike Digital Ink Elite Socks Review

You may think of socks as a piece of clothing, but over the years, it has become just as big as sneakers to many young kids and hoopers.  Socks have become more of a fashion statement for some, but they still offer moisture wicking and extra cushioning for those who seek performance.  Along with a nice ball, slides, duffel bag, sneakers, and perhaps a ball pump, extra pairs of socks are always great to have with you on court.

Today I picked up a pair through to see if it was worth the hefty thirty dollars. Right off the bat, the beautiful designed sock was a tad short of what I wanted it to be.  It doesn’t go high up the calves as the Nike Hyper Elite socks which is a bummer since they are almost twice as expensive.  Nevertheless, i’m very happy with it, yet at the end of the day, it’s just a sock.

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Is it worth the $30?  I would say no.  I believe the price tells us to buy it because it’s more expensive and specifically made for a certain colorway.  It doesn’t add more cushioning than regular Elite socks or is more wicking.  Then again I haven’t hooped in them so i’ll update you all once I do.  Check out the video above to hear more of my thoughts.

Stay tuned in the future for I will be discussing the performance aspect of socks and if it really matters when you’re playing on court.  I will also let you guys know my favorite sock to play in so make sure you keep it on lock here on

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Jefferson has been doing YouTube since early 2009. A true Laker fan and Kobe Bryant sneaker enthusiasts. He puts performance first-hand and continues to share his thoughts and reviews on the latest basketball tech.

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