100 Best Kobe Bryant Sneaker Colorways Ever Released

Top 100 Kobe Bryant Sneakers & Colorways Ever Released

As a signature athlete of Nike, Kobe Bryant is arguably the most recognizable basketball player in the world. His colorways have extended globally to Asia and Europe. With many region exclusive shoes, the chase to grab the best colorways began.

All in one, we’ve compiled the 100 best Kobe Bryant sneakers and colorways to ever be released and hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

100. adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine

Adidas The Kobe Sunshine Front Angle

Two words: the sun. The adidas Sunshine was created with two things in mind: TO POP and TO STAND OUT!

99. Nike Kobe 6 Camouflage

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 'Camo' Grey/Concord

If the U.S. Army allowed their members to choose their kicks, we would guarantee these would be on the feet of those who serve our wonderful and glorious country.

98. Nike Kobe 2 Strength Orca

26. Nike Kobe 2 Strength Orca

The Kobe 2 Strength featured a stunning patent leather toe box. The shoes are rarely seen today since the model has always been completely underrated.

93. Nike Kobe 9 EXT Challenge Red


These Kobe 9 EXTs quickly drew Nike Yeezy 2 “Red October” comparisons. With it’s high top model and red leather, these are certain to break necks.

92. Nike Kobe 7 Cheetah


Different animal, same beast. The Kobe 7 debuted the Kobe System which to allowed users to swap out insoles for their preferred type of attack. This Cheetah colorway is a bit calmer than the Christmas Cheetah.

91. Nike Kobe 2 Black/Varsity Maize


Although they have the classic black and yellow, they aren’t part of the Del Sol colorway. The Varsity Maize was the original counterpart to the color black. Like the inscription on the strap, “Carpe Diem”; it was time to seize the day.

90. Nike Kobe 4 Black/Red


Michael Jordan was lucky to don the Chicago Bulls colorway for most of his career. Shoes can never go wrong in the black, red, and white.

89. adidas The KOBE Charcoal

Adidas The Kobe Charcoal

Creativity at it’s finest. The Audi TT served as an inspiration and there are only few shoes that can touch this type of look.

88. Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5 Los Angeles Map


These 2K5s feature the Lakers home colorway primarily matching the Sunday Whites. The laser engraved map of Los Angeles is the most unique trait.

83. Nike Huarache 2K4 Black/Gold Laser

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Black Laser

The 2K4 Laser print makes another appearance on our list. This time in a much more eye catching fashion. The gold laser graces the entire upper of the black and white shoe.

82. Nike Hyperdunk Mamba PE

nike-hyperdunk-friendlies-pack-kobe-mamba-1 These special Hyperdunks came with a special look. The Mamba mentality came alive with the snakeskin on the toe. Kobe’s Olympic number 10 was embroidered on the front of the inner toe to complete the kicks.

81. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low University Red



The Kobe 9 Elites low came in a few colorways. Fortunately each colorway was solid. The University Red uppers came with stylish mint splatter accents all over.

80. Nike Kobe 6 Glass Blue

kobe 6 glass blue

The blend of bright, contrasting, and vibrant colors made Kobe fans go wild. The translucent and sparkly sole sets this colorway apart.

79. Nike Kobe 4 MPLS


The Minneapolis Lakers were made famous by George Mikan in the late 40s but Kobe is a huge reason why the colorways aren’t forgotten today.

78. Nike Kobe 4 Inline

Kobe 4 Inline

This general release is one of those solid but underrated colors. You may have skipped on these at the release but seeing them on someone’s feet brings regret.

73. Nike Kobe 4 Carpe Diem

kobe 4 carpe diem

Kobe’s motto was “Carpe Diem”. He lived by the saying and captured his first championship without Shaq in the 4s.

72. adidas Kobe EQT Elevation Purple/Black/White

Adidas EQT Elevation Purple

Do these look familiar? If you can’t pinpoint where you’ve seen them, Google “Kobe Bryant slam dunk contest”. Before the Afro, Kobe dazzled and took home some hardware in these purple EQT Elevations.

71. Nike Huarache 2K4 White/Purple Laser

Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 Purple Laser

This time, the purple laser print grazes a white leather upper. The 2K4s were highly regarded as a great basketball shoe.

70. Nike Kobe 4 MLK


On MLK day, the players bring their best kicks to the table. This subtle Lakers colorway is a heater.

69. Nike Kobe 5 Miles Davis

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Miles davis

The best type of Jazz is when you can hear the emotions and blues from the artist. No-one did it better than Miles Davis in this dominantly blue model.

68. Nike Kobe 8 Purple Gradient

Nike Kobe 8 Purple Gradient

Many call these the second coming of the Kobe 5 Inks. Many of Kobe’s teammates wore these in the NBA Playoffs as they had to play without the superstar after he went down with the ruptured Achilles.

63. Nike Kobe 8 Elite Black/Gold

Nike Kobe 8 Black GoldThe Kobe 8s came in two Elite colorways. One was incredibly bright and flashy while this solid colorway became an underrated beauty.




62. Nike Kobe 9 EM China


The Chinese culture loves the color red; throw in gold and pandemonium happens. The Chinas are finished off with a festive decorative tongue.

61. Nike Kobe 6 Kay Yow

Nike Zoom Kobe VI 'Think Pink'

The iconic ribbon and eye-popping pink is the signature for breast cancer awareness.Why not spread love and attention in a positive manner?

60. Nike Kobe 7 Gold Medal


The 2012 Olympic Games concluded with another U.S. gold medal. They had finally put the disappointment and downfall behind them as they redeemed themselves and rose to the top.

59. Nike Kobe 1 All-Star


Back when the All-Star game was fun and filled with excitement, Kobe got to team up with the home-town hosts: Yao Ming and T-Mac.

58. Nike Kobe 6 Lightbulb

Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Lightbulb

The Lightbulbs featured a reverse Del Sol look. With the majority of the shoe in yellow, they are complimented with subtle black and white accents.