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    Exclusive: Nike A.D. NXT Breakdown

    March 25th, 2017

    As the NBA season comes to an end, the people at Nike continue to work.  This past Christmas season, we got our first post-retirement sneaker from Nike Basketball, the Kobe A.D.

    We got new images of a new Kobe A.D. model dubbed NXT.  The new model has a whole new silhouette sharing some qualities from the original A.D. sneaker.  As you can tell from our photos below, a shroud is now part of the Kobe System.  Last season, the Kobe Zoom Icon was the first Kobe sneaker to feature a shroud, but not in this way.  That model was more of a Glove inspired shoe, this one however extends the current A.D. tier.  It is unclear to say if the shroud is full-removable similar to the Jordan 16 and 17.

    Another new addition to the Kobe series is the Swoosh placement.  Since 2009, the Swoosh has always remained profiled on the lateral side of the shoe.  The same spot.  Same area.  Never changed.  They may have tweaked the size of the Swoosh, but it usually stayed put for 8 continuous years.  This time around, they reversed it and positioned it lower onto the midsole of the sneaker.  It’s different, but it looks great.  Change is always good as Nike always pushes the boundaries of design and technology.

    A shroud was first used on the Kobe Zoom Icon, a first of the series.

    As far as technology, the A.D. EXT could keep the same cushion as the original A.D.  Cushion on the original Kobe A.D. is top loaded with a 8.46MM Zoom bag (via fastpass).  Aside from slight material changes on the upper with the knit mesh shroud and the external heel counter, all else stays the same.  We’re hoping that the cushion was updated as many have not enjoyed the A.D.’s performance.  We here at Kicksologists have not yet tried them so we can only speculate.

    The fit will also be a tad different as these do not have the traditional tongue.  You can slip these on conveniently as long as you figure out how to lace them up.

    So what does this mean for the Kobe line?  Well from what we know, Nike Basketball has used a shroud now for the Kobe line quite a bit.  Aside from the Zoom Icon, which wasn’t really a sig, could this mean more models will come out in the future, similar to the NXT model?  Would auto-lacing be part of the future?  Word is, auto-lacing will be one of the innovations in the next coming years for the company.  At this point in time, the Kobe 13 and 14, or should we say, the Kobe A.D. 2 and 3 are already made.  It would be exciting for Nike kitchen to debut a new wave of tech for the line as it evolves.

    The Nike Kobe A.D. EXT in Grey/White is scheduled to release on April 3, 2017.  The other Neon Volt colorway is still TBA.  Rumor has it the price will be se at $200.00 USD.  Keep it locked here on for the latest.

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    Video: Nike PG 1 Ferocity First Impression

    March 23rd, 2017

    We here at Kicksologists finally got our hands the newest signature sneaker from Nike Basketball, the PG 1 by Paul George.

    I can’t remember the last time I was excited about a sneaker debut since maybe, the Kobe 8 and 9?  Paul George isn’t that far from the Mamba series as he’s made it well known that he’s a big Bryant fan.  Not only has he shown interest in the Lakers, but he also resides in Southern California growing up.  His sneaker is also inspired the low-cut Kobe series as he now has his own signature sneaker sporting that soccer type feel.

    Priced at $110.00 USD, the Nike PG 1 offers a lot.  Unlike the Kyrie series, the Zoom Air is placed correctly in the forefoot.  It boggles my mind why designers from all brands include cushion systems placed in the rear rather than the front.  The sport of basketball requires a lot of forefoot movement starting with accleration, pivoting, pushing off, dribbling and more.  All of those moves require you to be on your toes at all times, not the heel.  So once I found this out, they won me over.  Although the Zoom is bottom loaded, you still receive that energy return, just not as immediate.  I do however prefer top loaded Zoom.

    Top loaded means that the Zoom bag is sitting right underneath the foot providing extreme response time and reaction.  Perhaps designers believe that the immediate response could possibly create instability for the foot.    Either way, the Zoom in the sneaker feels great.  It’s solid and apparent when you run.  If you have played in the Air Jordan XX8, it is nothing like that.  And for those who wonder about the Zoom popping, I doubt it highly as the Zoom bag is covered and secured real well.

    The materials are also great for the price.  You have a combination of fuse, mesh, and suede like material on the upper with a very solid rubber compound for durability.  The inner lining is great as well offering comfort and support for the achilles.  The suede on the side panels will get scuffed up during play, but you must already know that right?

    Now there is one small issue with the PG 1, the fit.  They run a bit narrow and short on the toes.  I’m a true size 9.  My whole closet is a 9 with an exception of a few.  The PG 1, is that exception as I went up to a 9.5.  Mind you that the size 9 was not available for me at the time of purchase, but I settled with the 9.5 as it was meant to be.  If there was a 9, I don’t think I would’ve been happy.  It was just too snug for me already, but snug enough where I can operate for hoops.

    Once you got your foot in, the comfort is great.  Surprisingly the shoe felt stable.  Thanks to the outrigger and wide forefoot base, the shoe sits naturally on my feet.  The rear part of the sneaker has a bit of a awkward feel to it as it’s pretty small, but it might just be a matter of getting used to.

    I do plan on making a performance review here on the site once I get to hooping in them.  If you’re not familiar with our performance grading, you can check out our previous reviews here.  If you were thinking about getting the PG 1, we definitely recommend doing so as you are getting a lot for the price.

    Thanks for tuning into our initial impression and stay tuned for the performance review in the coming weeks.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

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    WWE Tag Teams with Foot Locker x PUMA For Wrestlemania 33

    March 22nd, 2017

    Wrestlemania is WWE’s biggest event of the year.  It revolves it’s storylines months in advance to develop its characters in order to battle it out on the grandest stage of them all.  With the annual event is two weeks away happening in Orlando Florida, WWE is now venturing into the sneaker industry with a collaboration with PUMA and Foot Locker.

    Puma is tag teaming with Foot Locker as they release exclusive Puma Clyde models that pay tribute to WWE’s most decorated Superstars and Legends.  Ric Flair, Andre The Giant, Stone Cold, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ric Flair, and the Undertaker will each a specialed insole inside each Clyde sneaker.  The images of these wrestlers are printed on the insoles designed by Alexander John.  For hardcore wrestling fans, the black Undertaker version will be released with a special casket-style shoe box limited to 23 pairs.  Limited edition t-shirts are also being sold for $44.99.

    WWE Superstars like Enzo Amore, Kofi Kingston, Batista, and more recently Shane McMahon has been wearing much heat in the squared circle.  Wrestlemania 33 has Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the main event for the Universal Championship Title.

    The Puma Clyde will be available at select Foot Lockers nationwide for $199 USD on April 1st.  The limited edition Undertaker edition will retail for $499 USD exclusively at the Orlando location.  If you would like to hunt a pair down, you can start by heading over to the Foot Locker Launch Locator.

    Wrestlemania 33 will be held in Orlando, Florida.

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    Nike Basketball “Time to Shine” Pack Unveiled

    March 21st, 2017

    A few weeks ago we previewed the Nike KD 9 Elite from Nike Basketball.  We now have information that the colorway is now part of the new “Time to Shine” Package from Swoosh.

    If you have been living under a rock somewhere, March Madness is going on right now.  Top tier teams from all over the country battle it out in the Sweet Sixteen for the NCAA Championship.  10 of the 16 teams from the tourney are sponsored by Nike.  The Nike schools will be provided with the Time to Shine Collection for their upcoming games.

    The Time to Shine Collections is led by the KD 9 Elite.  Just like our preview before, the KD 9 Elite has a new upgraded knit pattern to improve the fit and containment for the user.  Nike lead designer Leo Chang chimes in on the new design,

    Containment for lateral movement is achieved through knitting tunnels into the Flyknit upper that allows us to channel a single cable around the entire foot,” explains Nike Designer Leo Chang. “This cabling setup can micro-adjust and conform around the foot for an adaptive fit.”

    Efforts were also made to make Flyknit more comfortable on-court. “Not only are there knit-in ventilation holes in the midfoot for breathability, but we are able to seamlessly integrate the tongue padding into a knit pocket in the upper,” notes Chang. “This eliminates additional layers of materials inside the shoe.”

    Aside from the KD 9, Nike will also have accompany the NCAA players with Kyrie 3’s, LeBron 14’s, PG 1, and the Kobe A.D.  It’s great to see that Nike push out packs like this.  I can’t even remember when the last package was from Nike Basketball.  Other than the annual Black History Month, Christmas, and Easter Packs, there hasn’t been a new plethora of sneakers in a while.

    The Nike Basketball Time to Shine Pack will drop this Friday, March 24th ranging from $110.00 USD to $175.00 USD.  Please note that Nike stated that all but the Kobe A.D. will release.

    “All foot wear, with the exception of the Kobe A.D., will be also available at and select retails on March 24.”

    Stay tuned for more information once available.

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    Nike Kobe A.D. “City of Compton” Release Information

    March 20th, 2017

    Nike Basketball is releasing a new Nike Kobe A.D. representing Compton California.  One of the Swoosh’s faithful athletes to the Kobe line, DeMar DeRozan, might actually become the new face of the line.

    For most of his career, Toronto Raptors guard is notoriously known for rocking the Mamba’s kicks.  Being a Nike athlete, DeRozan gets hooked up with the latest Mamba sigs including ID’s, exclusive colorways like the FTB and Prelude packs. Just like his kick game, DeMar’s on court game has been unreal.  The Toronto Raptors got him shooting at a career high 26.8 PPGS at 46 FG%.  He’s perfected the mid-range shot so well just like his idol Bryant during his 20 year career in Los Angeles.

    It’s no surprise that Nike Basketball is hooking up DeMar with these new A.D.’s.  The latest rendition is a nod to the DeMar as he grew up a Lakers fan in the ‘City of Compton’.  He attended Compton Highschool leading the team with 29.2 points and 7.2 rebounds per game.  He easily became one of the top ranked recruits in the country for 2008 and later was drafted to the Raptors at 9th overall.

    The latest edition of Kobe Bryant’s post retirement sneaker will have an official light bone, white, and pale gale grey upper, with specialized marble design covering the heel counter and mesh.  To add some pop. the heel and tongue are touched with teal, orange and purple hits accompanied with a translucent outsole to finish the look.

    The Nike A.D. “City of Compton” is rumored to drop on April 7th, 2017 for $160.00 USD.  Will have additional updates here at Kicksologists if they become available.

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