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Formatting Your Paper in Chicago Style Citation

Chicago Style Citation is a guide for college essay that was first published in 1906 and covers:

  • Manuscript preparation
  • Grammar
  • Formatting citations

The most recent edition was published in 2003. This formatting style is often used by the researchers to organize their work and citing.

Moreover, it is completely different from other citation styles like MLA and APA. Generally, MLA format is used by the literature students and the APA guide is often used by scientific authors.

Nevertheless, history and social sciences should prefer to use the Chicago manual of style.

A large number of professors’ demand Chicago citation in Turabian. Kate Turabian is an instructor who developed a spin-off design for the researchers who used this style.

Turabian’s referencing format is almost the same as the why college essay manual style. However, the Turabian style focuses more on the paper’s layout and framework. On the other hand, Chicago focuses on a published piece.

Types of Citations

There are two different types of citation in Chicago format that include:

  • Notes and Bibliography system
  • Author-Date system

The researchers can choose between both the types based on their discipline and source type. Let us discuss both in detail.

  1.       Notes and Bibliography Style

Students of humanities, history, literature, and arts mainly use what should i write my college essay about system. This style includes the commentary on these cited sources. A superscript number is written at the end of a sentence indicates that the source is being used.

Similarly, the summary details of the source are also presented within the footnote at the bottom. Lastly, full details are also located in the bibliography in alphabetical order.

  1.       Author-Date System

This type is used in natural, social, and physical sciences to organize the Chicago referencing.  Similarly, it is further enclosed within parentheses.

It includes the author’s last name, publication date, page numbers, and complete bibliographic information.

How to Format Your Paper in Chicago Style?

Follow the guidelines given below to format your paper in Chicago Style Format.

  • Always use a standard font of 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • Add double spacing in the text of college essay introduction
  • Use 1-inch margins on all sides of the page
  • Indenting new paragraphs by ½ inch
  • Page numbers must be placed with centered justification in the top right or bottom
  • The text must be left-aligned

Furthermore, it also includes the formatting of the following sections.

  • Title Page
  • Tables and Figures
  • Page Order
  • Main Body
  • Headings
  • Block Quotations
  • Numbers and Acronyms
  • Chicago In-Text Citations and Notes
  • Bibliography or Referencing List

Chicago Format Works Cited

The following are some essential elements of Chicago Citation formatting.

  • Author
  • Title of book/article
  • Title of newspaper/journal
  • Publication year
  • Publication month and date
  • Publisher’s name
  • City of publication
  • Date of access
  • Page numbers
  • URL

Mistakes to Avoid

 A writer should avoid these common mistakes while formatting the text.

  • The format uses the first name last name while the bibliography uses last name, first name
  • Avoid reusing numbers for citations
  • Use a first-line indent.
  • A bibliography uses a hanging indent
  • It also follows an alphabetical order
  • Notes are numbered
  • Do not put the Word Cited section at the top of your bibliography

This complete guide from college essay writing will help you format your research paper or college essay in the Chicago style citation.

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