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Compared to hard wood floors of days long gone by, flooring today has definitely been kicked up a notch major league. Manufacturers have considered everything from cost to durability and they have done a magnificent job.

There is no arguing that when it comes to wood floors, they most definitely add value to any home and the most low maintenance home flooring covering known and desired today. Let’s not forget that they are also a practical choice because unlike carpeting, dust and their mites along with other fine particles won’t get trapped in them, which can cause allergies such as skin irritations and asthma.

Durable exotic hardwoods will resist scratches and dents and are also available in different grades and finishes. Be prepared to pay for quality, however, like anything else you do. Do it yourself laminate flooring is a simple tongue and groove process that allows the boards to easily click together. You don’t have to worry about glue, nails and staples.

If you are looking for ease and a perfect fit, this could possibly be your way to go. Prefinished hardwoods generally contain a polyurethane finish that avails a beautiful shine to your flooring and comes in either a solid or engineered wood, already sanded, stained, finished and can even be installed over concrete.

Like any project, replacing hardwood floors should take some serious thought. Sit down and plan out what it is you hope to attain in look, comfort, durability and pricing. If your present floor hasn’t been refinished multiple times, think of the money you can save bringing back to life that beautiful shine and luster simply by resanding and refinishing the surface

Let’s not forget there are other options as well like tile and vinyl. Early glazed tiles dating back to Egypt thousand of years ago have been discovered… now how’s that for durability? Vinyl has been a choice for the past four decades and range from low to high end when it comes to life span.

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