When Chris Paul entered the NBA in 2005, he became an instant phenomenon because he proved to all of his critics that the size of a player’s heart, not his height, determines success.  At 6’0 tall, CP3 is not going to overwhelm anyone in the post or in the paint, but if you’ve ever watched him run circles around his opponents on the court, you know that he has other ways of utterly dominating a game.  Chris single-handedly pushed the Lakers around in the first round of last season’s playoffs, pushing the then defending champs to six hard-fought games.  He came out in Game 1 and exposed the cracks in the Lakers’ defense with 33 points (11 of 18) and 14 assists.


One aspect of an NBA player’s life that fans seldom get to witness is just how hard the game’s greatest superstars train.  Players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have legendary work ethics, but they are most definitely not the only ones who have ever gone above and beyond to further their game.  Talent alone will get you nowhere in the Association, which is precisely why Chris Paul is arguably the best point guard around.

With a tremendous philanthropic heart as well, CP3 is all about making himself a better player and person every day.  The videos above and below give us a glimpse into his training regimen that really makes you feel like you should be hitting the gym hardcore.  Whether it’s in New Orleans or on another team, if Chris has All-Star caliber pieces to work with, he will make that squad a championship contender the second he signs on the dotted line.

*Actually not quite sure if these are from in-season or off-season, but either way, pretty fun to watch!

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Chris Paul

Focus, Intensity, Integrity.

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